What Makes Joe Different?

One of my jobs as Campaign Manager is to say things about Joe that he won't say about himself!

At our August 28 kickoff event, many came to find out first-hand what they have already been hearing. Joe is approachable and he's eager to talk and listen. The gears are always turning with this guy and he delights in bringing fresh ideas and insights into the conversation. His thinking is systematic and penetrating but always anchored in a "people first" ethic. His reputation for thoughtfulness, friendliness, and hard work is well known to his acquaintances and it's now spreading through the town like a happy rumor!

Still, he's not afraid to take a hard stand on a contentious issue. When I reported to him that a few of the 'old guard' were unhappy with his recent letter to the Tribune, he responded, "I don't mind losing an election over a position I believe in". Doing the right thing comes first. Which is partially why his campaign focuses so heavily on boldly addressing the housing crisis that is threatening so many of our neighbors. His leadership on this issue is desperately needed.

 At our recent event, Joe put up a large sheet of paper onto which people could write their answer to the question "What does 'small town feel' mean to you?" .With this question, Joe is getting to the core of what is troubling most of us. Most City Council candidates will explain why they are running by professing that they love our town. We all do. Easy. But Joe's motivation is more urgent and it requires him to dig deep. This is his greatest asset, in my opinion.

 It's an important election, and Joe is an inspiring candidate who is uniquely qualified to take our town in a direction we can all be proud of. We are lucky to have Joe's commitment, compassion, and intelligence on the ballot.

Chris Herrod -Campaign Manager

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