Substance still counts

With the end of the campaign season almost here, I wanted to say three special THANK YOUs.  First, to my family, particularly my wife Lauren Parnes, for their daily support of my campaign.  Another to Healdsburg, for reminding us that the BEST politics are local.  When voters are offered a thoughtful candidate who listens well and clearly cares about his community, they will give back - with heartfelt words of encouragement, infectious enthusiasm, hours of their personal time, significant amounts of their hard-earned money... and their votes.  And finally, to veterans, who have given so much of themselves to defend this flawed but precious experiment that we call our country.  Respect their investment by exercising your right to vote.

One of the most pleasant benefits of running for office is hearing folks say really nice things about you in public. I have published samples from the various Letters to the Editor of the Healdsburg Tribune here

For those of you in town, don't forget to stop by Kinsmoke tomorrow after 7:30 to say hello!

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