Residential Design Guidelines

The question:  

What specifically would you change in the Residential Design Guidelines? What specifically will you do to ensure the change happens when you are elected?

My Answers:

I favor urban design that is human-centric, design that supports the feeling that the individual person matters more than things. For example, making human-scaled features, like a small garden with a walking path and a some kind of entry portal like a gate or an arch, be the primary physically interaction with a house instead of a car-focused feature like a garage.  Another way of saying this: Integrate pedestrian and bike access into a design BEFORE thinking about cars.

But that's just MY opinion.  Important documents that have a big impact on the community, like the Design Guidelines and zoning in general, should evolve with lively input from the community.  I would like to bring ideas of "open source" software development into the design guidelines review process.  With this model, the entire community of stakeholders contributes ideas, and the job of the a smaller group of project leaders (which in city government is typically served by a Committee) is entrusted with curating that input, incorporating the ideas presented, and "committing" it into the working model.

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