Thank You Sonoma County Democrats!

sonoma_dems.jpg I'm very excited and honored to announce that the Sonoma County Democratic Party has voted to endorse my candidacy. I have so much more to say about why this endorsement is so important to me but for now, I'm feeling very proud to be a Democrat!

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City Councilmember Brigette Mansell Endorses

We are proud to announce the endorsement of City Council Member Brigette Manselle is a tireless voice for all Healdsburg citizens, and a key inspiration for our 'Healdsburg for Everyone' focus.

Brigette says:

"What is at stake for our town of Healdsburg? Home prices are rising. Rents climb and our workers are being pushed while commutes and budgets are being stretched. The character of our small town is at stake."

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Welcome to "Joe for Healdsburg"

Welcome to the eagerly anticipated "Joe For Healdsburg" website!

Come in, have a look around...

In this section ("Let's Talk") you will get regular updates and musings from me and my team, and you can take the opportunity share your own big ideas about Healdsburg.  

You can learn exactly what I mean by "Healdsburg for Everyone" in that section.  

Itching to do something for my campaign?  Head to the "How You can Help" section, where you can pledge your vote, get social media sharing tools, volunteer your services or just sign up for a lawn sign.

And last but not least - visit the "Donate" section when you are ready to contribute cash to my campaign.

It has taken a few days to get it going - but it's not your ordinary campaign site and I'm very excited to explain why.

The big hint is this: Notice that the URL is NOT "JoeForCityCouncil" but "JoeForHealdsburg."

This means that this site will not be going away after election day. I plan to use it as a tool to communicate with you about issues facing the City Council and the community as a whole. So it's not just a blog site - but rather an organizing platform that will allow me to interactively explain complex issues, take informal opinion polls, open a votable "suggestion box" - and most importantly, organize my supporters when it is time to take action on important issues (like support or oppose a housing development project).

I don't want our partnership to end on November 8th. I want to keep listening to you, keep learning from you and keep sharing my thoughts with you so that I can make decisions that will serve Heladsburg for everyone.

Vote Joe for Healdsburg!

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