Bo Simons - 11/3

"Joe gets Healdsburg, and the community spirit that makes it more than a destination. His positions on using the hotel tax, on attracting affordable housing, on ways to solve the parking problem are all reasonable and reflect what I think most of us who live here most of the year think is right and doable."

Bo Simons

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John Fandel - 11/3

"At DEPlabs Joe has earned the loyalty of his clients and team members because he genuinely cares about them and their success. He has a global perspective capable of identifying and understanding the many facets of complex issues, assimilating large amounts of information and quickly distilling it all down into essential elements to help others clearly understand the issues at hand, the options for addressing them and the implications to all stakeholders. He is a committed advocate, objective listener and tireless researcher who leaves no stone unturned when looking for the right, best solution given the situation and circumstances. Joe is a uniquely gifted problem solver. What sets him apart is an innate willingness to selflessly share his talents to the betterment of others."

John P. Fandel, CEO, DEPlabs, Inc.

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Greta Mesics - 10/27

"Joe genuinely likes to solve problems. He shines when presented with difficult questions. Anyone who has ever sat with Joe over dinner or coffee and talked about any issue of substance has seen it in his eyes. They twinkle. Joe will say “ What if ...” or “How about...” and his eyes will light up and a novel idea or solution will be presented forthwith. He is a natural innovator, a believer that problems and difficulties can be overcome if we can remember to enjoy using our brains creatively."

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Chris Herrod - 10/27

"People are grateful for the chance to vote for an outsider to local politics. With two kids moving through our public schools, Joe is well known as a team player –always there to help. But his reputation is for independence. Voters are hungry for an intelligent, informed voice on the council that is not closely linked with tourism, wine, real estate and development –as are most of his opponents."

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Patrick Llerena - 10/5

"Joe Naujokas is a man who has that rare combination of analytical intellect and an open, listening heart. Joe is beholden to no industry, no special interest. As a councilmember, he will have no need to recuse himself from any discussion or vote (as one should when they may stand to benefit from the results of said vote). There are no legal or financial issues in his past and he is profoundly tied to our community as a resident, volunteer, and activist. Joe makes time to listen to anyone and I know he will take all sides of an issue into account when he must make a decision."

Patrick Llerena

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Paul and Jennifer TIncknell - 9/29

"Joe has been sharing our work office for the last few years, and we find him eminently qualified for the city council...  Indeed, it has been invaluable to us working alongside him, as we have learned how to find compromise and productive paths forward working with diverse teams to accomplish complex goals. His flexibility and open mind allow him to adapt to the best solutions without ego."

Paul and Jennifer Tincknell

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Maya Missakian - 9/15

"I am not an overly political person so this letter won’t be filled with details of Joe as a politician. What I do want to say is that Joe is extremely smart, a true thinker, a great communicator and an even better listener. He is one of the most thoughtful people I know; both in his kindness as well as his ability to really think about something before acting. "

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