A Short Bio

Let me say a little bit about how I got here...  

I was born to the descendants of Lithuanian immigrants (one, an undocumented stowaway) and raised in a middle-class family in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to Washington D.C. to complete my undergraduate degree in International Affairs at Georgetown University.  

Working my way up from my start at the Field Poll in San Francisco, to cellar worker in Santa Rosa, and to many jobs beyond, I have taken tireless advantage of on-the-job learning opportunities and have taught myself a wide variety of business and technical skills.  

I now serve as Senior Technical Lead at a successful Sonoma County e-commerce software development company, where I help small retailers around the country build online businesses that compete with the likes of Amazon.  In a typical day I listen to my clients express concerns about how their website works, then I collaborate with my programmer team and project manager to address these concerns effectively and efficiently.  Sounds pretty similar to the job of a productive City Council member.

I first moved to Healdsburg for the 1993 harvest, and currently live on Rose Lane with my wife of 20 years & HJH Librarian Lauren Parnes; teenage pets Sam and Judah; and four-legged children Jenner, Perdita, Scooter and Tiberius.  

For my free time, I try to take as much advantage of the limitless opportunities for outdoor exploration in and around Sonoma County as possible.  At home I like to play Dungeons & Dragons with my son Judah and his friends and to cook experimental meals with my son Sam's help.  I also enjoy gardening, creative home improvement projects and inventing cocktails. 

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