First let’s talk about housing.  

Those who truly understand Nature know that a vibrant ecosystem requires a habitat that nurtures many different kinds of organisms.  Habitats that can only support a specialized few are not only boring - but will eventually die.

A thriving city supports a rich diversity of species.  Different species require different habitats.  And city leadership can use many tools to encourage the construction of different habitats.

My top priority as city councilmember will be to focus on implementing practical changes that will expand low-, middle- and moderate-income housing choices.  

One specific example is updating the Residential Design Guidelines to encourage higher-density yet human-friendly housing designed to minimize dependency on cars and parking.  Another example is expanding residential zoning areas to avoid lengthy amendment processes, thereby reducing the cost and therefore price of housing.  

Also, though I realize there are significant legal limits on what the city can do in this area, I would like to review the city policy on vacation rentals and second homes.  We have enough pressures on the supply of housing - We don’t need to introduce more.

And finally, when I think about "housing for everyone," I also want to consider our homeless residents.  While I will be the first to admit that homelessness is far too big an issue to fix at the city level, I believe we can focus on one big aspect of this problem: the availability of farm worker housing.  I will engage with business, government and non-profit stakeholders to identify resources that can help provide humane living conditions to transient farm workers.

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  • bruce abramson
    followed this page 2016-09-08 23:42:39 -0700
  • Joseph Naujokas
    commented 2016-08-21 23:56:01 -0700
    Hi Barbara – Thanks for your compliments on the site.

    Regarding my position on the GMO – I want to avoid falling into a simple “for or against” statement because it is a complicated issue that defies black-and-white responses.

    But I do feel comfortable saying this:

    - The status quo of housing does not work, therefore SOMETHING needs to change

    - The proposals for changing the GMO that our leaders are presenting to us are not perfect but they are pretty darn good

    - Our leaders deserve our trust because that’s how our system works – if we can’t give them that trust then we either need to elect new leaders or change our system

    - We have run out of time for deliberating about how to change the status quo

    Therefore in November I will be voting in favor of amending the GMO

    For more detail see my letter to the Tribune on this topic that I reposted here: http://www.joeforhealdsburg.com/talk

    I’ll swing by this week to say hello!
  • Barbara Medaille
    commented 2016-08-20 12:10:01 -0700
    Hi, Joe ~ I like this website. It’s easy to navigate. I am curious to know your thoughts on the Growth Management Ordinance. And what is meant by businesses that address the needs of the “locals”? I am a local ~ I live right down the street from you.
    Barbara Medaille
  • Merrell M.
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  • Joseph Naujokas
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