Hello! My name is Joe Naujokas

I have been a friend to Healdsburg for over twenty years.  During that time I have come to know many of you in different ways - as a father to your child’s friend or classmate, as a volunteer, as a customer, as a friend.  You know me as a good person who listens well and has many interesting ideas about how to make Healdsburg a better place to live. 

You also know that I believe in “Healdsburg for Everyone.”  But what exactly does that mean?

Preserve our Small Town Feel

Many of us are concerned that Healdsburg is losing its small town feel.  But that phrase means different things to different people.  To me, a place with a small town feel is a place where every resident feels like he or she matters.  It’s the Healdsburg that most of us know, and it’s the Healdsburg I remember when I moved here 23 years ago.

However I think many of us are feeling that we don't matter any more, that our town is becoming a Healdsburg for the very few.

As a City Council member, I will keep that "small town spirit" alive by focusing on three goals:

  • Increasing the availability of affordable housing (click on Housing)
  • Encouraging downtown businesses that serve the needs of local residents and not just visitors (click on Businesses)
  • Expanding opportunities for community involvement (click on Community)

I want to be clear that I believe government is not the answer to all of our problems.  However I do share the belief that when we put our minds, hearts and hands together as a community, we can accomplish great things.  

Why Joe?

We need smart, creative and sensible leaders in City Council to help make Healdsburg a place where everyone feels that their contributions are welcome and valued.

I will invigorate the City Council with fresh ideas, independent thinking, hard work and compassion.  

I will listen carefully to the issues facing all members of this community.  

I will engage with anyone who is willing to work together creatively toward a bright, fair, and thriving future for all of Healdsburg.

I will do this because I care.

Four years from now I want to walk down Center street and feel the same joy as Miranda in Shakespeare’s The Tempest:

Oh, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave Healdsburg,
That has such people in it!

How do you pronounce "Naujokas"?

It looks difficult to pronounce, but it's not - you just say the J like a Y - like this:

now YO kiss

It's a Lithuanian name.  My grandparents and great-grandparents were Lithuanian immigrants.


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