I think we can all agree that the population of downtown businesses is out of balance.  Should city government dictate what species of businesses should populate our downtown?  Well we already do.  I couldn’t set up a pornography store downtown, or a head shop.  No one would argue when the city restricts those types of businesses.  Many believe the number of tasting rooms and real estate offices within the plaza is unhealthy to the community.  Should they be considered “a preponderance of any one type of business” and therefore a clear violation of our General Plan?  I think it's worth a discussion.

Which brings me to another concrete way city leadership can encourage a healthy Healdsburg:  By making smart adjustments to design guidelines and to zoning rules, we can encourage visionary entrepreneurs to bring businesses that serve the needs of the entire Healdsburg community - so that, for example, we can have a food truck court within walking distance of that famous $300-per-ticket world-class temple to fine dining.

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  • Joseph Naujokas
    commented 2016-10-14 10:51:31 -0700
    I’ve received some interesting questions about my positions on how to encourage businesses that are beneficial to the Healdsburg community. See my Business Q&A page for more: