When I moved here in 1993, I fell in love with Healdsburg’s small-town feel – where every resident felt he or she mattered. Today it seems more and more of us are feeling forgotten.

As a City Councilmember I will work to renew our small town spirit and rebuild trust in our City government by focusing on three issues: increasing affordable housing, diversifying downtown businesses, and bringing our community together again.

An Independent Voice

I earn a livelihood unencumbered by business interests in real estate, construction or tourism. I have demonstrated the courage to take a clear position on what I believe is the right thing to do. I have gained the trust of people from many walks of life.

An Effective Problem Solver

I will bring a professional approach to solving Healdsburg's problems. This is what I do every day as a Software Development Manager:

  • Listen carefully and compassionately
  • Ask smart questions to deeply understand the issues
  • Develop fresh ideas to solve difficult problems
  • Collaborate with my team to execute our plans creatively and effectively


Recent Updates

Let's Talk

With the end of the campaign season almost here, I wanted to say three special THANK YOUs.  First, to my family, particularly my wife Lauren Parnes, for their daily support of my campaign.  Another to Healdsburg, for reminding us that the BEST politics are local.  When voters are offered a...

Last Sunday (10/23) I led a group of eager bicycling enthusiasts around town to brainstorm ideas for improving Healdsburg's bike friendliness.  So many great suggestions came up!  I'll do my best to distill them into a quick but meaningful summary. Improving bike friendliness has many benefits Reduce parking demand Coordinate with...

Housing Q&A

The Question: How will your yes vote on R ENSURE affordable housing will get built in Healdsburg?  Why do you think so little has been built in the past 5-6 years?  Should the land/home values remain high, what would you specifically do to encourage developers to build affordable housing? My...

The Question: You state that you want to review the city policy on vacation rentals and second homes.  What would you change in the policy that would result in limiting them? How would you ensure it is enacted? My Answers: The overall goal of focusing on the question of vacation...

Business Q&A

One way to address the parking problem is to reduce our dependence on cars. In tandem with the effort to revisit the parking exclusion zones, I would like to work with businesses within this zone to establish some kind of satellite parking served by a shuttle, which could also be...

We can take some simple and inexpensive actions to expand the available supply of parking. Many downtown businesses have plenty of parking that they only use during weekday working hours.  I'd like to work with those property owners to identify ways we can utilize their parking spaces during their off...


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